Bone Borth
84 pages
170x235mm, Softcover

Designed by Tom Martín
Words by Seren Metcalfe
First edition published in May 2020
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Bone broth is a visual narrative capturing moments of life and death found within the reunion and subsequent final farewell of a previously estranged mother and daughter.
After many years without contact, their relationship had become non-existent. A sort of living death. It was only through the news of a terminal diagnosis that they re-entered each other’s lives. Years of suppressed memories returned like a flood: relentless and all consuming. This publication documents an attempt to immortalise the final journeys; from the mundane trips between hospitals to getaways in the forest, and ultimately the last goodbyes with relatives in their village. The image are a reflection of a tensional gaze. And finally, it is the aroma of chicken bone broth, the last meal the mother could enjoy, that pervades all memories of these last months.

Printed in La Imprenta CG
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